My sister in law suggested we both go out for a hike with our cameras the other week. The aim of the day was to take photos of wildflowers in the Perth Hills. Of course, I thought it was a great idea. The wildflowers are still in full bloom in the Perth hills, so I Googled the best places to go in  my area.

Searching for Wildflowers

After searching for ‘wildflowers in the Perth Hills’, Mr Google came up with the obvious places, John Forrest, Noble Falls, Walyunga…but a new kid on the block caught my eye.

Well it’s not exactly new, but I’ve never heard of it before so it was new to me. Wandoo Heights!

What makes this place different is that you need to contact the Shire offices and arrange to pick up some keys to access the reserve. It’s generally only booked out to one person (or group) at a time. It’s also free!!

wildflowers - pink trigger flowers

Karen (sister in law) and I arrived, opened the cottage up…oh did I forget to mention that there is a cottage on the property? You’re asked to go into the cottage to sign the guestbook and spray your shoes with methylated spirits to stop the spread of dieback.

After signing and spraying, we headed off with our cameras down the track. We’d decided to do the 40 minute walk instead of the 1.5hr, as Karen was on a timeframe. Off we went down the narrow walking track…we hadn’t walked more than 20 metres before we saw these small flowers close to the ground. Trigger plants I believe (but don’t quote me).

These little beauties were tricky little things to photograph. They were small, light and bright. Luckily we both had our macro lenses on, so size wasn’t a huge issue…but focusing on them was a problem due to the wind blowing them around constantly.

We spent a long timed photographing these flowers, using different camera settings, changing angles…focusing and re- focusing. We were crawling around on our hands and knees for such a long time that we realised we only had an hour left before Karen had to leave.

On we walked, heading down the 40 minute walking track…another 30 metres before we stopped once again. Here we found some tiny blue flowers. I have no idea what they are, but there were loads of them. Once again we were crawling around on our hands and knees until we realised it was time to leave.

wildflowers - blue

Wildflower Entrance

On the way out we stopped to take more photos before locking the gate behind us. We’d spotted some very pretty pink flowers down at the gate and had earmarked them for a few shots as we left the property. I’m sure Karen must have been late as we spent yet another 30 minutes on all of the flowers at the entrance. While photographing the pink flowers I moved some branches around to improve my shot and noticed how sticky the whole plant was. There were fine hairs over the back of the flowers. There was no residue left on my fingers, but it was very sticky to touch. I pity any bug that landed on them.

wildflowers - pink mauve

We’d visited Wandoo Heights on a Friday, so I decided to hang on to the keys until Monday. My husband loves wildflowers and is great to take on these walks. He has an eagle eye and can spot hidden treasures from a mile away.

We returned with our 6 year old grandson on Sunday. Choosing to take the 40 minute track (again), off we headed. This time I choose not to look down until we’d gone further than Karen and I did. My first wander from the track was to shoot this small blue flower (below) which I had initially thought was a seed head. While focusing my macro, I realised it was a flower with some pretty amazing petals. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. I have no idea what the flower is, but I love how unique it is.

wildflower - blue

We managed to complete the entire track on our second attempt, but after downloading the photos I realised that some of the shots I’d taken were not as sharp as I’d have liked. So…Monday morning, before I returned the keys, my grandson and I visited for a third time.

The flowers I wanted were minute. They looked insignificant on the bush. In fact you could barely see the flowers unless you were standing almost on top of it. But when I looked through my macro, these tiny, insignificant flowers were fluffy. Each and every petal was covered with fluff, and as the flower aged, each petal reminded me of a poodles tail. Thin with a tuft on the end. Amazing…and quite difficult to shoot, but…I do love a challenge 🙂

wildflowers - white and fluffy

I’ll be keeping Wandoo Heights in mind for future walks – or photo shoots. Next time the aim will be to complete the 1.5 hour walk. Apparently the views to the city are even more spectacular.

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