People, Places, Moments and Things!

meMy name is Terri Schulze and I am a Photographer, a Graphic and Website Designer. Photography is my absolute passion, with design coming into play with each and every shot I take.

My photography training comes from a retired university professor, who was an extraordinary photographer. I consider myself privileged to have received private instruction from such a wonderful and talended man.

I tell people that I’ll shoot whatever subject they point me at. If taking photo’s of people, I love photographing women in particular. I prefer to use natural lighting…it’s soft and beautiful. When women have a beauty or glamour shoot it empowers them. Not enough women treat themselves to a photoshoot.

I love the freedom I experience with landscape and nature photography. I’m not under any time constraints and am free to experiment…and experiment I do! I offer prints for sale under the ‘Things‘ menu.

Also under the Things menu, you’ll find West Australian Wildflowers. I LOVE MACRO photography! We get to see a world that we often can’t see with our own eyes. Some of the flowers I have for sale are so small that they are never noticed and we just walk over the top of them. I choose not only pretty flowers…but interesting ones. Anything that makes us stop and study a picture, is a good photo.

In addition to my photos, I offer handcrafted picture frames. Which frames are on offer depends on the wood that I have sourced at the time. My favourites are the weathered jarrah frames. You can see my rustic picture frames here.

I also love Birth Photography. I only book 1 or 2 each year and make myself available 24/7 for the weeks leading up to your due date. Birth Photography is absolutely amazing, there is so much emotion involved. It’s such a personal journey and I’m always honoured to be asked to document intimate moments of a birth story. I’ve chosen to keep my Birth Photgraphy on a seperate website…it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There are no explicit photos on there (they are not for me to show…and belong only to the couple), but I prefer to keep it seperate. You can find the website by clicking on the menu Moments, or

When I saw my photos I was instantly struck by the real beauty of them, Terri has captured who I am and that takes talent.

We contacted Terri as we wanted to capture the moment we met our daughter and we received so much more than that. Terri’s photos reflect the love and bond between my husband and I, they show perfectly how we felt meeting our daughter and I’m so glad to have these memories to look back on. If you are looking for someone who will make you feel comfortable being photographed (and who you probably won’t even realise is there) I couldn’t recommend a more professional photographer. Terri – thank you so much for capturing the most important day of our lives for us!

I've had two photo shoots with Terri, the 'glamour' shoot and a 'naked face' shoot. The day of my glamour shoot we had a storm...and Terri was shooting that day on her verandah. She had a lot to contend with as the wind was strong and the rain was hard and coming in on the angle. I was amazed at how Terri took it all in her stride. She moved us and the props around the other side of her verandah (goes around 3 sides) and took all the photos without missing a beat. The shoot was so much fun. Apart from the storm going on around us it was relaxing and Terri made it easy to pose in the right position. The photos turned out absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I decided to do this. I can highly recommend Terri to anyone who would love some wonderful photos done in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.